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TEC srl Industrial Automation provides our customers with the comprehensive vision to seize opportunities. With deep industry expertise, TEC translates cutting-edge innovations into competitive advantages, providing superior concept and design services, manufacturing excellence, after-market capabilities, and more for our customers.




  • Internet of Things (IoT) is the basis of the new industrial revolution called Industrie 4.0: a "strategic initiative" of the German government adopted with the aim of fostering the digitization of manufacturing industry. Today also the Italian manufacturing industry is called to respond to these new challenges in order to become more competitive in the global context. Automation 4.0 is the first step of the path that has as its focus Industry 4.0, we aim to take stock and inform our customers about the state of available technologies, applications and the advantages of this new approach that favors the interaction between machine and machine and makes possible preventive maintenance and total flexibility in the realization of products.

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We are a Senior Electric and electronics team Engineer based in Brescia Italy. We like build customer ideas and make sure projects came to life.

One of our greatest strengths is our experience in a wide range of industries. We work in multiple branches , often times creating innovative solutions to tough problems.